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I have been involved with the cannabis industry for over a decade now both personally and professionally. After 3 years with Tilray as EU Alliance Manager I decided to part ways, and started offering my own cannabis commercial strategy advisory services...


I started creating content daily on LinkedIn in 2021 and haven't stopped. It is an amazing lead generation tool, and the majority of my advisory and personal branding clients are inbound from LinkedIn. Now I want to help you and your business grow on LinkedIn too...


"Steven has not only a significant knowledge of the cannabis market (both medical and recreational), but he also has a wide network of people (both in Europe and North America). He understands the complete life cycle of the industry, having been involved from the cultivation steps until the sale of the product (in this case in the Portuguese Pharmacies).
In terms of market access, he participated in the introduction of the first ever cannabis dried flower product in the Portuguese market, having been involved in the process with the local regulator, thus clearly understanding the hurdles and needs of companies that need to pursue this path.
Additionally Steven knows pretty much all the people in the industry, becoming a natural connector between the different players and stakeholders. Having a clear passion for what he does (and it shows), Steven has been one of the first individuals (and a critical one) in changing the mindset of healthcare professionals. It has been a pleasure to work with Steven and looking forward for additional interactions in the near future."
Pedro Gomes - CEO AceCann


In 2020 I finally started publishing my own organic content on LinkedIn, and I fell in love with writing. This is what birthed CannaBeMe!

This is a special project and will be focused on personal development, self-awareness and entrepreneurship. I will share my experiences and all that I've learned to help you grow both personally and professionally...

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