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You're Unusual For a Reason

You might not know

Because I'm pretty good at covering it up

But ever since I was a young boy, I could feel it inside...

The energy of an outsider and someone who was a bit unusual

For many, this might sound a bit negative or sad, but it's not at all

In fact, the more aware I become, the more comfortable I am with it all

I no longer see it as a weakness of mine, but instead as a strength

It's what's allowed me to go on crazy journey's in my life

It's what's allowed me to be ok with being alone

It's what's allowed me to accept who I am

It's what's allowed me to be myself

I'm an unusual outsider...

The Mind Machine

My mind doesn't stop

It's been that way as long as I can remember

Especially after a long day of work, thinking, or mental activity

It's as if I'm always "ON", and the mind doesn't like the "OFF" setting

Often times I find the mind analyzing past, present, and future opportunities

Trying to learn something, decide on something, or plan for something

When in fact, all I prefer at times is that it shuts down and rests

It's the reason I enjoy the time alone and don't complain

I need it to reset and slow down all the brain activity

At times, it's like I'm on a different frequency

An outcast on his own wavelength

Observing all of you...

The Dilemma

When you're different

It's impossible to be like the rest

You struggle to follow the norms and fit in

And the ones that do, are only hiding their true self

This will kill you inside, and it's what was happening to me

On the other hand, when I was young, I didn't want to be different

I was not aware of my unusual uniqueness and the ability to own these traits

Instead, I spent my energy trying to be like everyone else around me

Which confused me even more and took me down an odd path

A path that was made for someone else and not for me

But an outsider never stops searching for a home

And a few years ago, I got back on my path

By ending my own internal dilemma

And accepting the outcast...

The Creativity Hack

Go back as far as you want

But popular artists are often unusual too

And also have trouble with addiction and mental health

For some reason, this creative energy often comes with its difficulties

Or is it the difficulties that develop the creative energy within the unusual ones

Either way, it's often the awareness and ownership of their own uniqueness

That allows them to put their energy towards more creative activities

By accepting who they are instead of fighting it day after day

In the end, this goes for every single one of you though

The sooner you accept your special uniqueness

The sooner you can leverage it's powers

And create what others can not

The ultimate outcast...

The Lesson

Let's not overcomplicate it

It's the reason we often make mistakes

We overcomplicate simple things and overthink

When in fact, we should think less and find simple solutions

Simple solutions like being true to yourself, instead of trying to fit in

Simple solutions like leveraging your uniqueness, instead of hiding it inside

Simple solutions like understanding the outcast within, instead of judging yourself

And to do this, I often need to quiet the mind machine I spoke of earlier on

Which I do with meditation and yoga, both great tools for the mind

That allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level

So that the unusual outsider can finally be heard

And accepted for what they represent

You're the only one stopping it...

With Love,

Steven Arthur George aka CannaBeMe

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