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You Need to Sell Yourself

Not in exchange for sex.

But for the value you can provide...

It's what's between your ears you're selling.

And the value you are able to generate and provide with it.

As I mentioned last edition, you're always selling, it's a part of your life.

Whether you're looking for a job, a client, a friend, a partner, or a collaborator.

You're going to have to sell yourself, your service, or your product to get what you want.

Here's the problem, most of you aren't trained on how to sell and communicate.

So when your big moment arrives, you drop the ball and fail to close.

Meaning you fail to sell yourself, your service, or your product.

Because you don't have the right tools and skills.

And that's what I'm going to share.

After 10 + years of selling.

Here are my top 3 tips...

Show Up

This might sound dumb.

But showing up is part of the battle.

Is it half the battle? Idk..that's for another edition.

For me, showing up is all about organization and commitment.

Especially when you are running a solo biz or doing all of the sales work.

Being organized will help make sure you don't miss calls or important meetings.

There is nothing worse than killing your opportunity before the call/meeting even starts.

When a qualified prospect books a call or meeting with you, they're giving you time.

And you've both made a commitment to one another to be present for it.

By showing up, and being on time, you send an important message.

It's non-verbal, but it has a big impact when it comes to sales.

Again, you are building trust right from the start.

Well before you get to your sales pitch.

Leverage what you can early on.

And keep showing up...

Be Likable

No, not a people pleaser.

Both parties will end up losing.

Instead, it's about your overall character.

And your ability to adapt and adjust on the fly.

One way you can adapt is by mirroring your prospect.

You can do things like talk with a similar tone, pace, and energy.

You can listen for what's important to them and make sure they're heard.

And if you're really good, you can relate with them on their current emotional state.

All the above will make communication easier and increase comfort levels.

When it comes to character, think of who you'd want to work with.

What character traits do they have that help build trust.

Kindness? Respectfulness? Honesty? Positivity?

They all help build your trust and likability.

And the more likable you are.

The more you sell...

Do What You Say

Now that you've shown up.

And you're being a likable person.

It's time to do the most important work of all.

Delivering on the promises and commitments you make.

Again, I know it seems simple, but this is where people often fail.

They build someone's trust and attract interest, but then don't follow through.

In most cases, this will kill the sale, because you weren't able to deliver.

Why would your prospect think working with you will be different?

The trust you had built is now lost in the blink of an eye.

They will have trouble believing what you say.

And will start to lose interest in you.

As well as what you're selling.

If you say you'll do it.

Then do it...

The Lesson

Trust me on this one.

The more sales skills you have.

The better your life will be all around.

Not only will it help you at work and in the office.

But also at home with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Because at the end of the day, we are always selling something.

And if we want to be successful in our sales efforts, we need the right skills.

This isn't complicated stuff either, it's the basics and foundation for you to build on.

1) Show Up

2) Be Likable

3) Do What You Say

If you noticed, there is one common theme between all three of these tips.

And it comes down to a very basic human trait we desire in others.


Which is why all three tips I gave today help build trust.

It's what you're trying to do when you're selling.

Build trust with your potential prospects.

So you can offer them a solution.

To a challenge.

To a problem.

To a desire.


With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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