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You Can Be Both

Even if you were told differently.

You don’t have to choose one or the other…

As early as I can remember, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

But as soon as I graduated college, I took the corporate pathway (employee).

And my aspirations to become an entrepreneur slowly got moved to the back burner.

There was never a time when I stopped and thought to myself, “I can be both”.

Instead, I thought I had to choose one or the other and stay in my lane.

So, I spent the first 10 years of my career as only an employee.

And I never explored any of my entrepreneurial interests.

But there was a problem brewing deep inside me.

Because I knew I wasn’t just an employee.

I had more I could offer to the world.

I wasn’t single-dimensioned.

And neither are you…

The Society

I see it everywhere.

From the clothes that you wear.

To the things that you say and believe in.

There has always been societal pressure on you.

Some learn to ignore it and are able to block out the noise.

While others fall victim to it and believe that there is no other way.

This is what happened to me when it comes to my career and my work.

I let society influence my decision-making and the direction of my career choices.

Instead of listening to my own voice and aligning my actions with my values.

Even worse, I let society influence my own voice and what I believed.

It’s the reason I put entrepreneurship on the back burner.

Society never showed me that I could do both.

I had to figure that one out for myself.

And I wasted a lot of time.

But not anymore…

The Brand

Starting can be difficult.

But once you start, you’re building.

And once you’re building, it’s part of the package.

Making it much easier to explain to a potential employer.

In fact, if they are smart, they’ll realize it is beneficial for them too.

Because as long as your brand is getting good attention, it will help them.

For example, most of the content I create and share is on the LinkedIn platform.

And if you go to my profile, you can see the employer I’m working with.

This means my employer gets attention because of my attention.

Most people would consider that to be a win/win situation.

Even if your personal brand is about a different topic.

Because more attention usually helps the brand.

It’s a click that they don’t have to pay for.

And a click they get because of you.

Your brand helps their brand.

It’s a two-way street…

The Mix

It’s not easy though.

And it will take more of your time.

But it gives you an opportunity most don’t have.

One where you can find some security in being an employee.

But also explore life as an entrepreneur and offer other services too.

That’s the beauty of being both an employee and an entrepreneur simultaneously.

You can tap into your different skills and help more people solve problems.

Instead of remaining single-dimensioned and only doing one thing.

You just have to be willing to put in the time to get it done.

But if you love what you’re doing and want to help.

Then you won’t mind putting in the extra time.

It will provide the fulfillment you all want.

And will allow you to be yourself…

The Lesson

Change is constant.

That you have to accept.

But that means you can change too…

You don’t have to remain just one thing through life.

You have the ability to do both and create your own reality.

This is what I have learned over the past 6 months while employed.

I continue to write every day and build my own personal brand on LinkedIn.

While still managing my daily tasks as commercial director of a cannabis company.

Sure, it takes a lot of time and I often create content on nights and weekends.

But it allows me to fulfill my entrepreneurial desires and help people.

In a way that I was never able to do as just an employee.

Don’t think you have to choose one or the other.

Find a way to do them both instead.

Or at least give it a try.

You deserve it.

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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