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You Are Going To Miss The Opportunity

But if you make one subtle change in mindset

You won't miss the opportunity, you'll create it instead...

This is what I learned in the past 12 months as an entrepreneur

One small shift in my mindset, opened up my ability to attract more opportunity

It completely re-aligned my thought process, and how I approach the work that I'm doing

What's funny (or sad) is that I've had the ability to make this change for many years

But it wasn't until last year, when I finally had the strength to actually do it

And this is when things started to change for me in a positive way

Opportunities started to present themselves to me as well

And now I'm leveraging that mindset to grow more

Because it only leads to more opportunity

And opportunity is what you need...

A Subtle Shift

It doesn't really make sense

Because with the amount of change I've seen

You would think that I made a HUGE mindset adjustment

That being said, the adjustment I made was subtle, it just had big impact

For a long time, I let other opinions and judgment impact my own thought process

This confused me, instead of focusing on what I knew, I focused on what others were saying

If you do this, you might find yourself off the path, it's what many refer to as "lost"

And trust me, it's not a place where you want to spend your valuable time

Instead, you're much better off finding alignment with yourself

And as I said before, this doesn't take a HUGE shift

It takes a subtle shift that you can easily do

To get yourself back on the path...

A Journey Within

It's a tough balance

Between being confident and confused

But if you don't have it, you don't even give yourself a chance...

Because confidence is at the core of the mindset change I made a year ago

It wasn't about seeing things through someone else's point of view or perspective

This is what it often takes to make an impactful mindset change, but not this time around

In fact, it was taking action that got the wheels turning internally to make a change

But without the confidence in myself I would have never even took action

And if I never took action, then I would still be stuck in my old ways

Because it was the action taken, that shifted the mindset

This is an important takeaway for all of you today

It wasn't just a random change of mindset

It needed the confidence first...

Action > Thought

This is a tough one to learn

But it will bring you much more freedom

Because your thoughts can exist in time forever

While when you take action, there's more of a start and an end

And even if you take the wrong action, there's an opportunity for another

But when you remain stuck in your own thoughts, nothing happens and nothing changes

Externally, everything remains the same more or less, but internally, you struggle

I learned this first-hand when deciding whether to start freelancing or not

I went back and forth in my own head for years about the decision

And because of that, I took no action, and saw no change

But as soon as I took action, everything changed

And I now had a new decision to take

How to change my mind...

The Lesson

You might have already figured it out

Unfortunately, most lack this simple mindset

And I lacked this mindset for the first 32 years of my life...

But once I started to simply "believe in myself" everything changed

I told you it was subtle, and you might even be thinking, "Really Steve, that's all?"

Yes, that's all! But this subtle mindset shift will actually create more opportunity for you

How? Because you become more self-aware and align on where you can add value

And once you know where you can add value, you can promote that value

And when you promote your value, you attract new opportunity

And when you attract new opportunity, you get choices

And when you get choices, you don't ever settle

Instead, you make the choice you want

That's the beauty of opportunity...

What's your mindset?

With Love,

Steven Arthur George aka CannaBeMe

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