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Why You?

No instant response? Then listen up...

I'm going to share a tool with you to help you find it

And while we're at it, I'll share my own experience finding mine

You see, I started asking myself this question years ago, and it wasn't by accident

This was the title of a presentation I had to give during my time at my first corporate gig

I was in my early 20's and had no idea why me? In fact, I was totally lost at the time

But it was the first time I started to ask myself this very important question

And even without an answer, I now had a question to start with

Why me? Why was I here and what am I going to do

I'll admit it, it was a lot of pressure at the time

And I wanted to figure it out quickly

But it doesn't work like that

Now I know why...

Out of Order

You have to be patient

Because you can't answer why you?

If you, yourself, don't even know who you are...

That's why my presentation was shit, it lacked confidence

But what would you expect if you're working a job you don't enjoy

And selling a product you don't believe's a losing game for all involved

But when I started working in the cannabis industry, things changed drastically for me

I was able to take on roles that I did not have past experience with and deliver

I was able to connect deeply with my work and what we were all doing

I was able to leverage all my past experience and knowledge

I was able to build something that was bigger than me

And now I had some answers I could work with

In the end, my cannabis relationship

Was part of who I was inside

But I had to be patient...

Pen to Paper

Although I now had answers

I still had 100x more questions on my mind

One being why I always hesitated to publish my writing

Actually, it was worse than that, I wasn't even finishing my writing

I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge, and stories with other people

But I had no understanding of how it was going to help anyone or why they would read

Ironically, it was again my work with cannabis that helped me get started writing

And my very first piece of content on LinkedIn was about a reggae song

It's more or less irrelevant now, but it's what helped me take action

So that I could learn more about myself as my writing evolved

Which lead to writing about much more than cannabis

And began to focus on personal development

A subject near and dear to my heart

That will help many people

Answer Why You?...

Build or Bust

Now that work was aligned

And my writing had evolved as well

It was time to shit or get off the pot my friends...

I could start building a brand around all of this or do nothing

And as I sit here and reflect for a moment, I realize how natural this all was

Each step I took over the past few years has led to where I am right now, writing this blog

Sharing my experiences, knowledge, and stories to help you all grow as well

So that you can all be yourself without having to worry anymore

So that you can take action and get out of your head

So that you can answer the tough questions

And do it without any hesitation

That's why I'm building...

The Lesson

No need to overcomplicate it

We all know who we are deep down inside

Most being artists of one form or another (with no action)

But it's nearly impossible to answer Why You? when you're not yourself

When you're not doing work you enjoy, or working on hobbies that bring you joy

This is the first step to getting closer to having answers for the questions that you want

But how do you get there? Through connection...with body, people, and yourself

Take care of your body (exercise/therapy) and most of the hard work is done

Build meaningful relationships and be vulnerable, you'll learn a lot

Write daily to connect with your deepest values and goals

Do those three things, and you're well on your way

To becoming who you were meant to be

Without having to worry anymore

By taking action my friends

So you can answer

Why You?....

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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