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Why Are You Checking Your Email?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You could be doing something else

But at this moment you are choosing to be here with me

Reading the words in front of you, because you find this newsletter valuable...

But to extract the value from the reading, you need to remain present in the moment

If you allow your mind to wander, you will miss things and have to go back and re-read them

Which is not a valuable use of your time, in fact, it's a waste of your valuable time

But this does not only pertain to the reading like you're doing here today

This goes for everything in life...

Anytime you can remain present, you can escape negative emotion

And when you escape negative emotion, you can focus more

You can extract all the value and learn much quicker

It's when we get lost in thought that we lose

And get distracted with emotions

Instead of staying here...


Life is a journey

And a lot of this is new to me

I've only understood things like "being present" recently...

My journey within started nearly 5 years ago now, it's just the start

In fact, I will be learning for the rest of my lifetime, and I think you all should too

When you remain curious, you learn new skills like being more present

And things like this can completely alter your mindset on life

That is what it's done for me in the past few years

And I now see things differently today

I can escape the negativity...


I heard this on The Diary of a CEO

Which is a damn good podcast, with a great host and guests!

Anyway, I heard a guest talk about this concept once, and it stuck with me...

Think about where depressive and anxious emotions are anchored when they arise

When the emotion is depressive, the thought is often anchored in the past

And when it's anxious, the thought is often anchored in the future

Think of a bad break up or relationship ending in the past

If you go there, does it bring up negative emotion?

Often times yes, but if you come back me

And the words on the page here

Those negative emotions

Get left behind...


This part is tough to hear

But in the end, the choice is yours

Next time you are feeling a negative emotion/s

Ask yourself where are your thoughts are anchored at that time

I can guarantee you that they're not going to be in the present moment

They are going to be anchored in the past or in the future, but not in the present

And this is when you need to decide for yourself how you want to proceed

You can either...

1) Remain anchored in the past/future and suffer through the pain, or...

2) Bring yourself back to the present moment in front of you

In the end, the choice is yours to make my friends

And often times you need to move on

Or stop anticipating ahead

Don't keep suffering...


This might not be a "new" concept

But I find we all struggle to really master this skill

The ability to remain present, so here are a couple of things I do...

1) I meditate. Not daily, but I do my best to find 10-15 minutes most days

2) I write. This I do daily, and you must be present to write good compelling copy

These two things have helped me avoid negative emotions and stay present

What's even better? I get a lot more done and grow much quicker!

I CHOOSE to be present, active, and build every single day

I don't have time to be stuck in the past or in the future

And either should any of you, the time is now...

You have to learn to let go my friends

Because positive emotions

Are anchored here

In the now...

What are you doing to stay present?

With Love,

Steven Arthur George aka CannaBeme

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