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What If You Could Escape?

Not completely, but for a few minutes

When you’re overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out…

For me, these are all situations I never knew how to handle well

My body temperature would rise, my palms would sweat, and I would shake

The people around me might not have even noticed, but I sure did, and I hated it

And that’s when I realized I needed a tool to help me with these situations

I couldn’t keep going through life without addressing my own needs

And I didn’t want to keep finding myself in these situations

I needed a solution, but I didn’t know where to look

Instead, I just kept on going with my life

And then I read an amazing book

That changed everything…

The Body

Mental health is all the hype

But I believe it is a balance that is best

Between both your mental, and physical health…

You see, one without the other doesn’t make a ton of sense

You could be in the best shape of your life, but taking Xanax to sleep

Or you could be mentally aware, but then stuffing your face with bad food

Ideally, if you want to be the best version of yourself, you learn to balance both

And I find the more you listen to your body, the more insight you will have

For example, if your body is telling you it's tired, it’s tired, listen to it

If your body is telling you it's anxious, it’s anxious, listen to it

You see, your body knows both physical and mental

It doesn’t just focus on one or the other

It makes sure to prioritize both

And so should you…

The Mind

Our body sends us signals

But our minds dictate our own reality

And that’s why the mind is such a powerful tool…

No joke, try manifesting something consistently for a years time

And then come back to me in a year from now, and explain what happened

Yeah, maybe it will have not manifested yet, but I’m sure you will have made progress

Why? Because you would have been telling yourself the same thing every day

Just like a teacher, parent, or some other elder may have done in the past

And you believed it…it’s the same concept, but now it’s your words

This is how powerful our minds are, and I have experience

Both with good and bad manifestations in my life

And that’s exactly why I know it works

But again, it’s about balance

Both mind and body…

The Human

Made of body and mind

But all different from one to another

Ironically, we can still relate to one another

It’s the reason why you are still reading this blog post

There is something in this story that resonates with you as well

Unfortunately, it probably goes back to the beginning and wanting to escape

But that’s ok, because it brings us together right now to try and get a little better

And what I am about to share with you is not revolutionary or anything

In fact, it has been around for centuries as a tool humans can use

But most humans don’t seem to be using the tool at all

Instead, they find other harmful ways to escape

Shit, I still do the same myself at times

But I have a tool that helps now

And I use it almost daily

To escape a bit...

The Lesson

You should never have to escape

It means something isn’t aligned internally

But the more you practice, the less noise you will hear…

And overtime, you will become more balanced mentally and physically

Getting to the point where you don’t need to escape because you can manage

These are the muscles I’m building every morning when I sit down for my meditation

I close my eyelids and sit with myself in total silence for at least 10 minutes

I do a body scan and check in with myself physically from head to toe

I focus on my breathing to calm the mind and the body as well

I leave my body for a minute, to remember what it is

And I do all this while sitting in the hot sauna


Because when I really need to escape

From stress, anxiety, and doubt

I just close both my eyes

And start breathing…

Have you tried using this tool yourself?

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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