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One Word Changed Everything

And allowed me to focus like never before

With all the choices you have today, it's hard, I know....

Yeah, times have changed, and we do things much different now

That's the natural evolution, but some things continue to hold true still today

And those who have the ability to focus and execute on their plan will win the long game

This goes for everything in life, both your personal and professional endeavors

But if you want to achieve this level of focus, you have to go all in

You can't keep doing things half-ass and hoping for results

It just doesn't work that way, and it never will

But it's what I see over an over again

And you're only losing time...

The Creator

2021 was a game changer

It's when I started creating content

But it wasn't until 2022 that it all came full circle...

The year started of great for me, but then my content changed

And I started talking more about personal branding and personal development

Because of this, the attention I was attracting before was not as interested in my content

This was a tough pill for me to swallow, and I thought about giving up on LinkedIn

Maybe you're not creating, but I'd bet that you've had similar feelings before

It could be with your professional career or a side gig you're building

But instead of giving up, I focused on staying true to myself

And the message that I want to share with you all

Which means I continued to create daily

And as the year comes to an end

I'm seeing momentum...

The Athlete

I've always been an athlete

And I'm amazed at what our bodies can do

The more I physically improve, so does everything else...

But if you're like me, sometimes you're active and other times not

This was the story for me over the past decade and I could never stay focused

I would let work and other personal issues get in the way of my important physical activity

At some point, I would realize that I was no longer in shape and needed a change

So, I would start again, but then after some time, I would drop off again

But this year was different, and I made it a priority of mine

Even if I couldn't get in a full workout some days

I still tried to sweat and keep moving

Now it's a highlight of my day

And I feel amazing...

The Partner

Love is essential

Without it, you're missing out

Because when you find it, nothing else matters

Yeah, you will still have to deal with your shit day to day

But having someone by your side is a connection like no other

You can have all the friends in the world, who give you tons of good love

But you won't extract the same value from it as the person you wake up next too

For me, relationships have always been a bit of a challenge, but it's clear to me why that is

It goes back to the beginning, and what I said about all the options we have today

And as the population continues to grow, you will only have more options

But that doesn't mean you have to be tempted by all of them

Instead, you can give your heart to someone

Which takes tremendous vulnerability

But it's worth all the benefits

Of growing together...

The Lesson

I'm shocked I got this far

Without giving you all the one word

That will help you focus and execute in 2023...

That said, with all the writing I've done this year, I'm learning

Learning that the more focused you are, the quicker you will improve

And that goes for my writing as well, the more consistent I am, the better I get

But consistency is not for the weak, and takes a tremendous amount of work and effort

Just like I put into my content creation, physical activity, and my relationship

Even better, I publish this stuff publicly, which keeps me accountable

It's why I had one of the most transformable years of my life

I stopped half-assing things and went all in instead

And because of it, I'm laser focused for 2023

And ready to do it all over again

Evening adding things

To commit to!

What commitments are you making for 2023?

With Love,

Steven Arthure George

Happy New Year everyone and be safe if you're going out!

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