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Let's dig deeper together...

Updated: Feb 24

Follow along as I build out this newsletter and start my first blog!

I have been sharing my story and posting on LinkedIn for over a year now.

Through that process, I have found enjoyment in writing and the CannaBeMe was born...

The Beginning

"Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous"

For many years now, I have had the desire to do more writing. That being said, I never knew where to start and what stories to tell. I was also concerned that if I only told my story, it would not provide enough value to my readers. This was tough for me because providing value is one of the main reasons I write.

As I started writing more on LinkedIn, I began to realize how much I enjoyed it. I realized how much power a story could have and the positive impact it could have for readers. I also recognized that writing was a way to connect with my true self. The person I really am...

CannaBeMe is born

For those of you who have not been following my writing on LinkedIn, I often talk about cannabis. This is for many reasons, but most importantly because I work in the industry and secondly because I am an advocate for cannabis legalization and regulation.

On top of that, I have been a consumer of cannabis for the past decade or so. I don't consume nearly as much as I use to, but I still enjoy a good joint here and there. But for most of my life, I was living in places where it was illegal.

For non-consumers, this might seem like nothing, but for cannabis consumers, this can often be very difficult to navigate...It can make you feel isolated. It can make you feel criminal. It can make you question yourself. All for consuming a plant that helps you...d

This is when it all clicked for me and the CannaBeMe persona was born. I want everyone to question themselves and ask, "Can I be myself?" For me, working in the regulated cannabis industry here in Europe and being able to associate more with cannabis changed my life. On top of that, leaving my job and starting my own business also changed my life. Furthermore, starting to write more and share my story changed everything...

All three of these things...cannabis, entrepreneurship, and writing were all things I identified with personally but for one reason or another never shared/expressed publicly. But once I did, the idea for CannaBeMe came to me with the intention to help others get over their fears and bridge the gap between their personal and professional life.

Where we go from here

“Ask yourself, "Who the fu** am I?”

The idea will be to share my personal experiences here, as well as, things I've learned, in an effort to help others become more in tune with themselves and what they stand for. Btw...this doesn't always have to relate back to your career. Sometimes it's an activity, a group, or a movement. Sometimes it's a conversation, a journey, or an experience. In the end, it's something that you really believe in and identify with inside but have trouble expressing in public or acting on...

This is the journey we are going to go on together. Remember, the cannabis part is important to me, but it doesn't have to be important to you. This will not be a blog about cannabis, but cannabis will come into the conversation because it's a part of my story and helps me get the message across.

See you in January

The newsletter will go live in January 2022, but this is the first edition to give you an idea of what I have planned. It will also allow me to mess around with Wix's blogging features and better understand how this works before we go live.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey, and don't forget to subscribe to get the second edition directly in your inbox!

With Love,

Steven Arthur George aka CannaBeMe

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