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It’s F***ing Sad to Watch

And we’re running out of time

Now, more than ever, we need connection…

And not only connection to humans and individuals

It’s much more complicated than that from what I can see

The global economy we’ve created is challenging us more than ever

But it’s not challenging us the way it should be, it’s breaking us down instead

And pushing many of you down the dangerous path of pleasure

Even worse, many of you are seeking instant pleasure

Where there is nearly no connection at all

But instead, a “sense” of connection

Which confuses both of us

But not anymore…

Are You Bored?

Hopefully not yet

And you’re still with me

Now, seriously, think about it…

Think about the last time you were bored

Shit, maybe it’s why you are reading this blog post

But if you think about that last moment, what did you do?

How did you break yourself from the boredom that you were feeling?

From my own personal experience, this is when I look for the path of pleasure

Whether it’s Netflix, music, food, a joint, a drink, sex…it’s pleasure

Could be different for you, but reading can even be pleasure

So, why don’t we ask ourselves the tough questions

For example, why am I feeling bored today?

Is there something missing in my life

Maybe it’s a lost connection…

Over Simplified

That’s what I think

Is the truth for many of us

I even fall into the trap at times myself…

Because when you stop challenging yourself, life simplifies

At least from a physical and mental perspective in the short term

But eventually, that simplicity will lead to lack of connection, and boredom

And we all know what happens next, the pleasure path takes over your entire reality

Always seeking, and often finding, but never getting what you really need

Which allows the cycle to keep repeating itself for year and years

Until you find the connection you need and break the cycle

And that’s what I’m challenging us all to do today

Try to understand what we’re missing

We don’t need to solve it today

We just need to start…

The Connection

Do you see the pattern

It’s starts with simple boredom

But before you know it, you’re over simplified…

And at that point, you’ve now lost many of your connections

Most importantly, the connection with yourself and why you’re here

Leading you to seek pleasure to feed your boredom, instead of going within

And finding the real reason for your boredom and lost connection with your reality

Don’t get me wrong, I still fall victim to boredom, pleasure, and simplicity

The difference, I’m hyper aware of it and challenge myself often

What connection is it that I could be strengthening?

Why am I seeking pleasure at this moment?

These questions alone provide insight

So that you can start to uncover

To the real problem…

The Lesson

It comes in many forms

Humans, nature, work, body, mind, etc.

But the more connected you are with the above…

The less bored you will be, and less you will seek out pleasure

That said, I can imagine I’m making it seem like this is easy to accomplish

But with everything moving so quickly today, you can’t find the time to connect

Well, for me, this is where cannabis plays a big role in the way I manage this day to day

And is what I often use to connect to myself, others, nature, and even my work

Because as someone who’s been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder

It’s the one thing that allows me to cope with childhood trauma

While at the same time helping me find deep connection

So that I am not bored, ultimately seeking pleasure

But instead, re-connecting to the universe

Which starts from within my friends

And branches back outward

Until the boredom


With Love,

Steven Arthur George aka CannaBeMe

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