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It's All In Your Head

The thoughts, the dreams, the desires

But as many of you know, only one thing provides answers...

I'm an introvert at heart and have no concerns about spending time alone

But there's a downside to this that I don't speak about a lot and needs attention

Because when you're alone, it's easy to get lost in your own thoughts and overthink stuff

At times I even find myself lost in a goal of mine, analyzing all the different ways to achieve it

It takes up a ton of my energy and often leaves me more uncertain than I was before

In the end, you can't really have a conversation with yourself that helps much

There's always an inherent bias and no devil's advocate to help out

And the bias can jump to either side of the coin at any time

Making it difficult to draw any solid conclusions

Or make any sound decisions for yourself

It's a loser's game in the end...

The Wrong Way

I see it everywhere

And I'm to blame for it myself at times

But we're not always using entertainment effectively

It's often a time to forget reality and simplify things in our head

This became shockingly real for me when I moved to Portugal years ago

I used to be a big sports fan and I loved watching college football on the weekends

But once I got removed from all the marketing and hype around the sport

I realized I no longer had any desire to watch the games regularly

Why spend that time routing for a team behind a screen

There's no connection, its only entertainment

Why not use that time more effectively

Like investing in my development

Instead of ignoring it...

The Truth

This happens every time

But as I write these, I get to take a step back

And it always makes me realize how much work I have left

Those thoughts I mentioned in the first section, end up coming out

Fortunately, it allows me to put them onto paper and look at them as a reader

Sometimes I have great solutions to share and can provide value for you

Other times I'm lost for words and identify opportunities for growth

This is why regular writing is an actionable activity that helps

Instead of getting caught up in your own head at times

You can put your thoughts on paper for the reader

And learn where you need to take more action

Because once it's out there, it's out there

And it's hard to ponder it any more

You'll know where to focus...

The Right Way

Well, I'm still learning

So don't take my word for this one

But every time I get twisted up in my own head

I need to come out of my head to move the needle forward

One way this can be done is through writing as I mentioned last section

But there's something better, try putting it into physical practice and observing

This is what I find to work best in most situations, even with a bad outcome

Because it allows you to be aware of the outcomes of certain actions

Once you are more aware, you give yourself a chance to accept

And once you accept, you can take the next action forward

While extracting value and knowledge along the way

Without assuming outcomes in your own head

Which is much worse than a bad outcome

You'll just be stuck in limbo instead

No bad, no good, no nothing...

The Lesson

Only one thing can provide answers

And it's not the thoughts you create in your head

Think about that for a second, it's you who creates the thoughts

Regardless of where they actually came from, your brain decides to bring them up

Yeah, there could have been an external influence, but in the end, they're your thoughts

But it doesn't mean the thoughts are true or false, and that's the challenge friends

It's what can get you stuck there until you realize that it's all in your head

And you'll continue to get stuck there until you can get out of it

In the end, spending time alone can be very beneficial

But only if your energy is focused on growth

And that means actioning that sh*t

That's where the answers lie

Not inside your head...

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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