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How To Simplify Entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I knew it all along

But I never wanted to listen

Instead, I listened to everyone else

That was easier for me, there was no responsibility...

It always gave me the opportunity to point my finger at someone

Instead of looking in the mirror and owning up to my sh*t

In fact, I even enjoyed being able to blame others

If it was never me, I could carry on as usual

But usual was miserable and lonely

I felt dis-connected from it all

I need to re-connect...

It's a BS term

They all say to find work/life balance

But I think this is a bullshit term and confuses people

It implies that we spend our time 50/50 between living and working

But what is this "living" part? Is that just leisure activity, or all life outside of work?

Because a lot of our living time is more, errands, parenting

Which means the time you spend working becomes more valuable

You're no longer focusing on survival but instead on growth

And the more connected you are to the work you do

The more connected you'll be to life in general

And the more you'll grow as a person

It's about meaningful work ya'll This connection is TOP...

Insecurity can kill you

No joke, it rips your soul away

Unfortunately, I still fight this battle myself

But for me, it affects more my personal/social life

When it comes to business, I'm more confident than ever

That being said, I was insecure in my own skills for many years

I was always looking for validation, I needed the promotion and the raise

And there was no way in hell I was going to be an entrepreneur, not a chance

Instead, you could find me watching Shark Tank in the evenings on TV

Then praying that an idea would come to me that evening

It was all about the idea, I used that as an excuse

When, in fact, I had acquired some skills

And could focus more on a service

Then an idea or physical thing

This changed everything...

The "Entrepreneur" is born

I think it was the word alone

And all the hype that distorted me

I had a definition of an entrepreneur in my head

Someone running an innovative multi-million dollar business

Or someone who invented a cool new gadget no one had ever seen

This was what I was trying to achieve all along, it was hopeless

When instead, all it took was a proper mindset shift

And changing my definition of "entrepreneur"

It wasn't about money or an idea

It was about freedom...


Now I could focus

My mind was finally in the right place

It was about the freedom to work my own hours

It was about the freedom to work on different projects

It was about the freedom to be my true self and drop all the fear

I had now been working in the cannabis industry for a large company for 3 years

And I had 5 plus years of corporate sales experience prior to that

I was also a native English speaker living in Portugal You put all three of these things together

And you have a cannabis advisor

In a growing industry

In Europe...

The Lesson

Entrepreneurship can be simple

I did not say easy, but there are plenty of opportunities

I encourage you all to investigate your skills if you're disconnected from work

And give yourself the opportunity to try selling your own services directly to customers

Think about it, if you've been employable all along, you have what someone needs

Now you just need to learn how to sell and market your service to the public

With the internet, this is can be done as a solo entrepreneur as well

In the end, you need to be the one who believes in yourself

That was the only thing that was holding me back

I could have started earlier for sure

But I didn't have the confidence

I overcomplicated all of it

You don't need to...

What's your definition of an entrepreneur?

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