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Don't Miss This Opportunity

Especially if promoting a product or service.

Yeah, it's not as sexy as Instagram, Tiktok, or SnapChat.

But it has advantages that these other platforms above can't deliver.

And that's why I've been building my personal brand there for the past 2 years.

In fact, it was one of the first social media platforms I created an account on 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, I never used the platform to my advantage for the first 8 years or so.

It was more of a requirement from my employers to try to increase sales.

They would give us templates and tell us to send messages.

It wasn't the best approach but it worked at times.

Now, I have a better LinkedIn strategy.

And I use the platform to grow.

So should you...

Real Names

You can throw darts blindfolded.

And you might still hit the board a few times.

But your chances of hitting the target are slim to none.

But what if you could see the target and had something to aim at?

Well, that's the main difference between LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Users are not allowed to have a "profile name", instead, they must use their real name.

It seems like a small difference, but it provides a high level of transparency for you.

For example, when searching for something specific (CEO, Michigan, Tech).

You will be given a list of actual names of individuals who fit the target.

Users aren't able to hide behind a "profile name" like on Instagram.

This is beneficial because you now have an instant prospect list.

And can do additional research before you contact them.

This ensures they are the right prospect for your offer.

And increases your likelihood of getting a client.

Because you don't want to waste your time.

Just like throwing darts blindfolded.

Hoping you'll hit the target...

Business First

Networking events work well.

Because everyone has a common interest.

They all show up because they want to do business.

If they didn't want to do business or network, they wouldn't go.

This is another reason I prefer to create content on the LinkedIn platform.

Everyone seems to have a more business-first attitude and isn't there to waste time.

Yeah, there is tons of business happening on other platforms like Instagram.

But your content can get lost among all the generic content published.

For example, the travel posts, the food posts, and the party posts.

But with LinkedIn, you don't really compete with this content.

Which increases the likelihood of your targets seeing it.

On top of that, it makes networking much easier.

Everyone seems to support one another.

And collaborations are more likely.

There's a common interest...

Landing Page

I know you have a lot to offer.

But they only give you a few lines to write.

Making it more difficult for you to attract new business.

So you end up having to find other ways to get the message across.

But not with LinkedIn, because the profile section gives you more than enough.

Not only can you include a tagline similar to the other platforms discussed (Insta, TT, Snap)

But you also have an "About" section that gives you another 2,600 characters to use.

Where you can incorporate storytelling or explain the benefits of your service.

You also have a section to highlight your experience and education.

On top of that, people can also leave you recommendations.

And you know how important reviews are these days.

But none of the other platforms give you this.

Instead, they shrink you into a small box.

And give you a few lines to utilize.

But you have more to offer.

You deserve the space...

The Lesson

This is only the start.

But social media is clearly here to stay.

And you will see more platforms being created...

That said, LinkedIn has proven that it's a unique platform.

And if you have a product or service to market, it's the place to be.

Users need to use their names, it's business first, and you have a profile section.

With those three things, you can target prospects, talk business, and share your expertise.

Without having to compete with all the generic content you see on other platforms.

On top of that, most people on the platform are kind and willing to help out.

It's not cluttered with "trolls" spreading negativity and talking sh*t.

This makes your own creator journey much more enjoyable.

And gives you an opportunity to help other people.

While building a personal brand for yourself.

In the end, it's a win-win for everyone.

Don't miss this opportunity...

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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