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Can You Go 24 Hours?

You think you’re in control

But the more I look around and observe

The more I realize the severity of the problem at hand…

Like most things in life, a good balance tends to be best for you

When you lean too much to one side, your perspective becomes distorted

And when your perspective becomes distorted, your reality isn’t what you want it to be

You find yourself doing things unconsciously that you don’t want to be doing

Even worse, you are becoming the consumer that drives the engine

So if you want to play in this space you need to find a balance

And not only between being a creator and consumer

But also being able to step away completely

And then come back on your terms

This is the challenge everyone

But it’s not so hard at all

And it’s good for you…

Stepping Away

I’ve been home in Michigan for two weeks

It’s now my last week here, and I’m with my parents

We are in Northern Michigan for the week at a property we own

It’s only a quarter ownership…we’re an upper middle class family at best fam

That being said, it’s dope AF and is such a beautiful place to spend some time away

Right now, I’m writing down by Deer lake, a five minute walk from the cabin

The sun is peaking through the clouds and there’s no one else here

I can hear the small waves, and feel the wind on my face

The best part of all, no one can get ahold of me

In fact, I can’t get ahold of anyone either

And it feels amazing my friends

Let me explain in detail…

Completely Disconnected

It was only 24 hours

For some, it would feel like weeks

For me, the time seemed to pass by quickly…

I’ll admit, I’m taking some time off this week, so it’s easier

But as I said, I’ve been observing and people have a ton of trouble

Even when they are on vacation, with their friends, or when they’re “relaxing”

They don’t seem to have the ability to live a normal day without it

By now, I assume you are aware of what I’m talking about

I also know many of you are using it to read this

And that’s why I still believe it’s needed

Because I consume a lot as well

But you have to step away

From your phone…

A 24hr Experiment

Monday at 1pm

My phone went in the drawer

And I didn’t look at it until 2:30pm Tuesday…

Even better, my phone is back in the drawer now

In the end, I don’t even feel like I should be happy about it

It’s only been a day or so, and I’ve lived over a decade with a phone

That being said, I don’t remember the last time I went 24 hours without it

I found it to be a great experience though, and I didn’t miss anything important

It’s why I don’t have my phone with me today, I don’t need it for anything

If I had it, I’d be on it, but I clearly don’t NEED to be on it right now

I scheduled all my content in advance, so I keep adding value

Which means the needle keeps moving without me there

My clients are also all taken care of and content

This is the balance I started off with today

It’s much better than attachment…

The Lesson

Your phone is powerful

It connects you to the world

But it can also disconnect you as well…

This is why I think you should all take breaks

Even if it’s only for an hour here or there during the day

The idea is to make sure that you are still in control of your life

I see so many people that have to reach for their phone because they’re bored

This means there is no intention behind why they are using their phone

This is when the unconscious consumption takes place for most

But by taking breaks from your phone, you can avoid it

And learn to only use your phone with intention

In fact, you’ll learn to appreciate it more

And understand its value to you

Not your value to it…

When was the last time you spent 24hrs with no phone?

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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