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Block Out The Noise

Better yet, block out all the noise.

Here's how I use long-term thinking to do it...

As many of you know, I create content daily on LinkedIn.

And I've been doing it for more than two years now. Over 1,000 posts.

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn has brought me so many great things...

1) Jobs

2) Clients

3) Friends

4) Network

5) Biz Partners

It hasn't been easy though. There's been plenty of ups and downs.

I can't count the number of days I wanted to quit and give up.

Is it the algorithm or is it my content? What's going on?

You have to be able to block it all out though.

And show up the next day to write again.

While avoiding all distractions.

This is the challenge...

The Noise

If you want to play online.

You have to accept the rules of the game.

And the number 1 rule is that there aren't rules online.

Yeah, many social platforms have rules and try to control things.

It's a tough job though and it's impossible for them to catch everything.

On top of that, people can talk all kinds of shit on social media with no issues.

LinkedIn tends to be a more friendly platform. Others make you question humanity.

Either way, you have to be able to block out the negativity if it comes your way.

It's easier said than done, but my suggestion is to question it internally.

Step back and evaluate where the negativity is coming from.

If you've done nothing to deserve it, forget about it.

Ignore it and move on with your own plan.

In a couple of days, it's old news.

Don't waste the energy...

Background Noise

This is a sneaky one.

It's not as obvious as the noise above.

The problem is it's always around you on social platforms.

Competition continues to grow and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

You're surrounded by coaches, courses, how-to's, newsletters, live's, and more.

Only a handful of them provide value. The others become a distraction to your business.

This has been a challenge of mine over the past few years creating on LinkedIn.

I often compare myself to others and try to emulate top LinkedIn creators.

It ends up becoming a distraction for me more than anything else.

My focus goes in the wrong direction and I get off course.

Don't get me wrong, there are amazing coaches.

But you can't compare yourself to them.

Compete against yourself instead.

And get better each day...

Your Noise

The deadliest noise of all.

Of the three, it's the only one you control.

Unfortunately, it's the loudest and meanest of them all...

Your noise is often so loud you don't ever hear the other two noises.

This is the saddest part and why I do the work that I do. You need to hear again!

Yeah, the other noises might be brutal at times, but there's growth within the wavelengths.

Your own noise often never gives you the chance to grow. It stops you in your tracks.

Telling you you're not good enough, that things won't work, that you're shit.

The only way to quiet your noise is to allow yourself to hear the noise.

Then you will really know. Even if it's not what you want to hear.

At least you'll know now, and can try something different.

Which is better than having never given it a chance.

Don't be like most people. Be better ya'll.

Tell yourself to shut the f*ck up...

The Lesson

I hooked you with long-term thinking.

Let me explain how it helps you block out the noise.

If you want to build a personal brand, noise will always be around.

There is no way to avoid it, you have to handle the blows along your journey.

Having a long-term mindset helps you zoom out and see the situation from a distance.

A bad day, bad week, bad month, is nothing when you look at it from a 10-year view.

This is the mindset I use to block out the day-to-day noise you deal with on social.

And it's what I suggest you do as well if you decide you want to hear again.

Don't let the small stuff knock you down, continue executing instead.

Focus on what's working and make adjustments as you learn.

Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

Same goes for the praise you receive.

This is pro-level shit right here.

Block out ALL the noise...

With Love,

Steven Arthur George

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