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"Steve has been a great business partner as I looked to expand my reach and audience for my cannabis consulting and infused seltzer company. In 3 months time, Steve and I were able to generate over 750 (75% increase) new followers, which led to inbound inquiries about our services and products. I look forward to working with Steve over the coming years to continue to develop our brands and reach."      Dylan Lowery - Almanac Partners

​I have been working in sales, marketing, and business development roles my entire professional career. I started with the finance industry (2011-2017), which is where I built a skill set I could leverage for life. I learned how to communicate, how to present, how to sell, how to position, how to research, how to close, and how to build relationships. In 2018, I entered the cannabis industry, and this when everything started to change...


In 2020, while working in the cannabis industry, I started to use LinkedIn more strategically. This opened my eyes to the creator side of the platform and how it could help you reach your target audience. I have been publishing content daily on LinkedIn since December 2020, and I have now built a following of over 11,000 individuals. This led to me leaving my employer and starting my own solo entrepreneurship journey. 


I now help other companies and individuals with their LinkedIn Marketing and growth efforts as well. When I am not working with clients, I am creating additional content and developing my personal newsletter "CannaBeMe"! Learn more below...



  • I have been posting both written and video content on LinkedIn daily since December 2020 (Over 500 original content pieces)

  • In my first year, I worked with both Ash Rathod and Justin Welsh to learn more about the LinkedIn platform and algorithm

  • In 2021, my LinkedIn content received over 5 million views, 30,000 likes, and 18,000 comments. That's epic...

  • My first LinkedIn client was able to add 750 followers (75% increase), in just three months

  • I now offer LinkedIn services as well as 1:1 coaching, contact me below...


  • Profile Review ($100)

  • Define Strategy and Pillars ($250)

  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions (Negotiable


  • Page Consulting ($150/hr)

  • Ghostwriting Services (Negotiable

  • LinkedIn Company Workshops (Negotiable)

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